Today I asked the kids why they thought we would be creating a document using Google Docs rather than Word. Right away they came of with a variety of ways to say it was because they could work together at the same time. However, when I asked if they knew what collaborate meant, they all looked at me like I had grown a third eye.

So I gave them a task. On their own time they were to look up COLLABORATE and share the definition with me on their first Google Doc, which they had shared with me. This was not meant to be a big deal and, for the most part, it wasn’t. But the few kids that took the challenge did so with gusto.

Here is what they shared.

(I love it when something as unplanned as “Do you know what collaborate means?” turns into a learning and assessing opportunity.)

 Sweet talker!

When Xuan Fan found her GD to be in Hebrew, she posted her thoughts on the class blog instead. Brilliant!
These two created a new document to share their findings.

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